Light Bulbs

Mentoring, as a discipline, addresses that confluence where information overload is sorted into sense and productivity. These “light bulb” moments put some perspective into mentorship.

Mentor light bulbs

“If you don’t articulate what you want, how can you get it? A lot of these girls have the same misconception I had: You are a high performer and therefore you will get promoted. And that doesn’t always happen, and I help them avoid that problem” – Annette Hicks, Mentor and Healthcare Executive, IBM.

Facilitator light bulbs

“If you don’t get the environment and ROI right, it bites you much later on – when it’s too late to fix” – Chris Leach, Mentoring Institute of Australia.

Mentee light bulbs

“Mentoring helped me design a career change into Project Management, which would have been much more difficult without the help of my mentor” – Chantal Velasque, Oakton Consulting.